Ruan, Dan: Selected Talks

  1. Respiratory motion tracking and prediction, Stanford University, 2006
  2. Mathematics in medical image registration, Univeristy of Luebeck, Germany, 2008
  3. State Estimation and Dynamic Scheduling in Adaptive IGRT, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2009.
  4. Recent development in predictive localization of moving target, AAPM Annual Meeting, 2009.
  5. Real-time anatomy tracking with low SNR MRI, SIAM Conf on Imaging Science, 2012.
  6. Application-driven modeling in medical physics: sparsity in translation, Workshop on Signal Processing, Optimization, and Control, 2012.
  7. Applied math in medicine: more than just applying, University of Science and Technology, China, 2012.
  8. Signal and imaging processing in medicine: problem-specific modeling and algorthm design, state key laboratory of scientific and engineering computing, Chinese academy of science, 2012.
  9. Learning and optimization in treatment planning and delivery, UCLA IPAM, April 16. 2013.
  10. Dose shaping and carving in treatment planning: utilizing sparsity and learning, SIAM annual meeting, July 11. 2013.
  11. Problem-specific modeling and statistics , AAPM Annual meeting, August 4, 2013.

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