Lecture notes and supplementary materials for PMBED209, Fall 2016

  1. lecture 1
    9/26/2016 signal and image representation, sampling and quantization, review of LTI system, impulse response, etc.
    Wiki page on companding quantization.
    Book on nonuniform sampling. Available at UCLA library. A quick browsing over TOC would reveal the scope of work and applications.
    Interactive lecture by Wilson J. Rugh on LTI systems, JHU
  2. lecture 2
    9/28/2016 Review of basic linear algebra, spans and basis, orthogonal projections, Fourier as a special basis.
    Reference book: Convex optimization by Boyd and Vandenberghe. Also open courseware and online video by Boyd.
    Local resource: Pro. L. Vandenberghe UCLA EE236 series.
    review of linear algebra: Khan Academy.
  3. lecture 3
    10/3/2016 Continue review of basic linear algebra, spans and basis, orthogonal projections, Fourier as a special basis.
  4. lecture 4
    10/5/2016 Discussion of sampling theorem and its "conflict" with compressive sensing.
    Collection of tutorials and reviews of comressed sensing: compressive sensing .
  5. lecture 5
    10/12/2016 Least squares regression and projection, statistical estimation.
  6. lecture 6
    10/14/2016 Minimum norm solution for underdteremined systems. Gauss-Markov model.
  7. invited lecture by Dr. Henry Huang
    10/19/2016 Tomography a a modeilng problem.
  8. invited lecture by Dr. Holden Wu
    10/21/2016 Real-time NonCartesian Sampling in MRI.
  9. invited lecture by Dr. Kyung Sung
    10/26/2016 Advanced MRI reconstruciton iwth compressed sensing.
  10. lecture 7
    11/4/2016 Eigen values and eigen vectors
  11. lecture 8
    11/9/2016 Principal component analysis and factor analysis, derivations and intuitions.
  12. lecture 9
    11/16/2016 Extensions of PCA (robust PCA, probabilistic PCA), independent component analysis.
  13. lecture 10
    11/18/2016 Algorithms for independent component analysis. Overview for image restoration and reconstruction
  14. lecture 11
    11/23/2016 Overview of image segmentation, object identification (classification) and registration

  15. 11/25/2016 Thanksgiving break

  16. 11/30/2016 Project presentation (extended hours 8:30-12am)

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