Ruan, Dan: Proceeding papers

Published proceeding papers

Most of the links below are to the final published papers at the publisher's web site.
If you do not have access to those sites, some reprint or preprint is linked. You can probably find more reprint or preprint in this archive. If you find a preprint interesting, then please get the original because the preprint may differ from the final version.
  1. D. Ruan, J. Fessler, M. Roberson, J. Balter and M. Kessler,
    Nonrigid registration using regularization that accomodates local tissue rigidity,
    SPIE 2006. reprint
  2. D. Ruan, J. A. Fessler and Selim Esedoglu,
    Discontinuity preserving regularization for modeling sliding in medical image registration,
    MIC 2008. reprint
  3. D. Ruan, Selim Esedoglu and J. A. Fessler,
    Discriminative sliding preserving regularization in medical image registration
    ISBI 2009. reprint
  4. D. Ruan,
    Directionally Selective Regularization for Sliding Preserving Medical Image Registration
    MIC 2009. reprint
  5. A. Schlaefer, D. Ruan, S. Dieterich and W. Kilby,
    A linear implementation of dose-volume constraints for multi-criteria optimization
    WC 2009. reprint
  6. W. Liu and D. Ruan,
    Level Set based Real-time Anatomy Tracking
    MIC 2012. reprint
  7. K. McMillan, A. Michailian and D. Ruan,
    Measurement-Based Kilo-Voltage Beam Characterization and Dose Quantification for Radiotherapy Image Guidance
    MIC 2012. reprint
  8. D. Ruan, M. Dahlbom and K. Iwamoto,
    A Pilot Ambi-cranial PET System for GBM Surgery Guidance: Characterization and Analysis
    MIC 2012. reprint
  9. W. Liu and D. Ruan,
    Real-time motion estimation with MRI
    ISBI 2013. reprint
  10. H. Xia, D. Ruan and M. Cohen,
    Coupled basis learning and regularized reconstruction for BCG artifact removal in simultaneous EEG-FMRI studies
    ISBI 2013. reprint
  11. H. Xia, D. Ruan and M. Cohen,
    BCG Artifact Removal for Reconstructing Full-scalp EEG inside the MR Scanner
    ISBI 2013.
  12. W. Shao, P. Kupelian, J. Wang, D. Low and D. Ruan,
    A database paradigm for the management of DICOM-RT structure sets using a geographic information system
    ICCR 2013.
  13. G. Sayre and D. Ruan,
    Automatic Treatment Planning with Convex Imputing
    ICCR 2013.
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